Tose Sanat Rakhshan Sahand

Tose Sanat Rakhshan Sahand Company is one of the most specialized manufacturers of all kinds of shade nets and Raschel bags and is known as one of the leaders of this industry.
Using the most up-to-date machines in the world, Rakhshan Sahand manufactures laces from the top European brands. It is worth mentioning that high quality polyethylene raw materials distinguish Rakhshan Sahand’s products.
The manufactured products have various uses in the agricultural industry, animal husbandry industry, fisheries, construction, etc. The company, according to the application of experience and science and technology of experts, in the development and expansion of the manufactured products and by providing consulting and support services to gain more satisfaction. Customers are trying.

Skilled team

With years of experience in the field of lace production, it is known as one of the leaders in this industry.

best quality

The focus of this company is on providing quality products at reasonable prices to customers.

Some features

Avoid strong


Ease of air

Resistant to decay
and tearing

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