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Greenhouse Shade

Greenhouse Shade (greenhouse canopy) Rakhshan Sahand greenhouse shade nets are used to create shade and prevent excessive sunlight. Among the advantages of greenhouse shade tours is the ability to reduce the indoor air temperature of the greenhouse, create a range of light spectrum suitable for plants and manage water consumption,…
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Harvest net

Harvest net Rakhshan Sahand harvest net is widely used to facilitate the collection of agricultural products such as olives, walnuts, berries, etc and also the benefits of using it are a significant reduction in product waste, as well as improvement in the health and hygiene level of products. It is…
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Raschel Bag

Raschel Bag This type of nets are used for packing different types of vegetables, citrus, potatoes, onions, cabbage, etc. Among the advantages of Raschel packaging nets are the durability and longevity of products, prevention of food spoilage, flexible volume, light weight, ease of ventilation in the bag, the possibility of…
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Shade net for parking

Shade net for parking Rakhshan Sahand parking shade net can be used to cover public and private parking lots and even house yards. Strong sunlight in all seasons and especially hot seasons creates problems for car owners. Naturally, the most cost-effective solution to solve these problems is the use of…
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Anti-bird nets

Anti-bird nets Every year, birds and fruit bats cause a lot of damage to farmers’ crops. Rakhshan Sahand anti-bird nets are used to protect products from damage caused by these pests. Due to the lightness of this type of net, there is no damage to the products. Tose Sanat Rakhshan…
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Anti- sunburn net

Anti- sunburn net Strong sunlight causes trees and agricultural products to burn. Rukhshan Sahand’s anti-sunburn nets prevent the entry of a significant amount of harmful and destructive sun rays. This type of net is used to preserve flowers and fruits and the tree itself, such as pistachio trees, which increase…
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Livestock net

Livestock net Today, in the modern industry of livestock and poultry breeding, livestock nets are widely used for covering and shading in non-roofed spaces. Awning nets are made of polyethylene that does not mold, break or rot. The performance of this net plays an important role in the health of…
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Anti- evaporation net

Anti- evaporation net Rakhshan Sahand’s anti-evaporation shade net makes it possible to cover agricultural water storage pools and other pools in order to prevent water evaporation, algae growth on the surface and bottom of pools, birds and other animals from entering pools. This type of net is also used to…
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Date net bag

Date net bag Rakhshan Sahand date net bags are a suitable cover to protect dates from damage by insects and dust and also prevent dates from falling to the ground. For these bags, two openings from the top and bottom are considered to close the beginning and end of the…
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Construction net & fence

Construction net & fence One of the characteristics of Rakhshan Sahand construction nets and fences is strength and resistance to decay and tearing, and it also plays a significant role in beautifying the facade of enclosing construction sites and fencing. Among the other uses of this net, we can mention…
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